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Mon 02 October 2023


I am working as an R&D Engineer at XWiki SAS on the Cryptpad project. My research interests lie in the design of provable advanced cryptographic protocols from classical and post-quantum assumptions.

I was previously working at PQShield SAS in Paris after a post-doctorate researcher position at ENS de Lyon on the Prometheus project. Before that, I was a faculty member at IIT Madras under the young international faculty program in the cryptography group to work with Shweta Agrawal from June 2019 to June 2020.
Even before that, I was a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research India in Bangalore.
Prior to this, I was post-doctorate researcher in the LIP team at É.N.S. de Lyon working in the H2020 project Prometheus until December 2018. Before all of these, I was a PhD candidate until October 2018 in the LIP (Laboratoire de l’Informatique du Parallélisme) in Lyon supervised by Benoit Libert on privacy-preserving cryptography from pairings and lattices.

My resume is available either in English or in French.


If you want to contact me for any reason, it is possible by mail through the following address

mail address: fabrice • mouhartem coucou xwiki • com

My gpg public key is available here, fingerprint: B39B 6BC1 F7A7 A269 3840 B176 11E0 E80E 1243 41EA.
For personal communications, please contact me via sed 's/#/fabrice/;s/#/mouhartem/' <<<'#.#@ens-lyon.org' with this pgp key with fingerprint 8C29 D9C8 1460 0979 5165 D5D6 2C50 33B2 28CF E4E7.


Last publications follow. More details are available [here].


More details are available [here].