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Tue 01 March 2022


Origami Duck

Free and open source software

I’m a free and open source software everyday user. My operating system is linux and firefox is my browser. For emails, thunderbird and k9 mail are used, and mutt is used mainly as a classifier. To protect my emails and other sensitive data (like my passwords), I use gnupg. This page has been generated using pandoc within pelican and the “responsive” theme is from the late gumby while analytics are handled using matomo. To edit almost all my files, I’m a neovim user. And if by chance a tuppervim happens to be nearby where I am, I don’t hesitate to go there. My images are edited using gimp and inkscape, and for my photographs, I use darktable and digikam to develop my RAW files and classify pictures. Oh, and I use arch btw.

Several reasons exist to explain why people are using FOSS: moral, financial or even politic… As of myself, I first met FOSS while tinkering my computer and I felt in love with the modularity and the flexibility that those tools offer us.


AliENS is the computer science association of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. I animated some intitiations, and mainly wrote the tutorial about e-mails’ security.

Some Projects