2016 – 2017: Cryptography and Security

Lectures: By Benoît Libert and Damien Stehlé.
Tutorials: Thursday, 8AM to 10AM.

A description of the course is available here.

To sum up, this course aims at presenting the different constructions in cryptography, from symmetric primitives such as pseudorandom functions, constructions such as stream ciphers, operation modes… Going to provable security with public-key cryptosystems and game-based security proofs. If you want to learn more, feel free to enroll the course ☺


  • TD01: On PRG and computational hardness assumptions.
  • TD02: On PRG and stream ciphers.
  • TD03: On symmetric ciphers.
  • TD04: On MAC and CCA security.
  • TD05: On CCA Security and Hash functions
  • TD06: Public key cryptography
  • TD07: Signatures.
  • TD08: Back from vacation.
  • TD09: Random oracles model.
  • TD10: Revisions.


  • Homework.

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