Spring 2020: CS6190 − Recent developments in computer science

This course aims at presenting the recent advances in privacy-preserving cryptography. More precisely, it will cover the topics of advanced cryptographic primitives that protects the privacy of its users, such as group signatures.

Some lecture notes will be available soon.

Lectures: In room CS26 on:

  • Tuesday 5PM to 5:50PM;
  • Wednesday 11AM to 11:50AM;
  • Thursday 9AM to 9:50AM;
  • Friday 8AM to 8:50AM.


One or two homework assignment will be asked during the semester. The exam will be a 30 min presentation of an article, with a series of questions about the article and the course.


Course 1: Recall on the cryptographic objects we manipulate during this course: primitive, schemes. Example of a digital signature as a cryptographic primitive.

Course 2: Motivation of privacy preserving cryptography using the example of group signatures. Formal definition of group signatures. Presentation of the necessary tools to construct group signatures and definition of ZK proofs.

Course 3: Generic construction of group signatures from BMW03 (see references).

Course 4: Security reductions for the construction presented in course 3.

Useful Resources

  • About cryptography in general (will not be covered by the course, but it is still useful in general to understand the topics covered during the course:
  • M. Bellare, D. Micciancio, B. Warinschi. Foundations of group signatures: formal definitions, simplified requirements, and a construction based of general assumptions. [pdf]