Spring 2020: CS6190 − Recent developments in computer science

This course aims at presenting the recent advances in privacy-preserving cryptography. More precisely, it covers the topics of advanced cryptographic primitives to protect the privacy of their users, such as group signatures or blind signatures.

Lectures: In room CS26 on:

  • Tuesday 5PM to 5:50PM;
  • Wednesday 11AM to 11:50AM;
  • Thursday 9AM to 9:50AM;
  • Friday 8AM to 8:50AM.


One or two homework assignment will be asked during the semester. The exam will be a 30 min presentation of an article, with a series of questions about the article and the course.

Useful Resources

  • About cryptography in general (will not be covered by the course, but it is still useful in general to understand the topics covered during the course:
  • M. Bellare, D. Micciancio, B. Warinschi. Foundations of group signatures: formal definitions, simplified requirements, and a construction based of general assumptions. [pdf]